Training Services

Every member of staff should be educated in the business continuity strategies and policies of the organization. Just like the building evacuation procedure or the incident escalation procedures, every member of staff must be aware of it otherwise it will prove useless.

The more personnel aware of business continuity the better prepared is that organization towards a unplanned disruption.

In typical BCM framework will have teams responsible for emergency response, crisis management, business resumption, infrastructure recovery, damage assessment and damage restoration. Each member in these team should be trained so as they can perform their responsibilities better.

The training provide should not be limited to awareness type training. Technical training and skill training should be provided. For example, members of the emergency response team should be familiar with basic first aid and fire fighting techniques, spokesperson of the organization should be trained in speaking to the press, etc.

We have a full spectrum of training services which we have developed over the years. Our services include:-

  • Public Training Programs– training programs conducted in hotels for a mixed group of participants
  • Private Training Programs – training programs conducted in-house for a group of 10 or more people
  • Certification Programs – a step towards obtain professional certifications
  • E-learning Programs – online training courses

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