BKI Professional Services Sdn Bhd (BKI) is a private limited company incorporated in Malaysia in 2001.

BKI is a specialist in the field of Business Continuity Management (BCM). To us BCM incorporates Emergency Response,
Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and other related fields such as Security Management,
Supply Chain Management, Knowledge Management, Facility Management, Customer Relationship Management, etc

Our solutions cater for all types of industry including Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Utilities, Manufacturing, Services, Transportation and Logistics, etc.

BKI provides practical yet cost-effective solutions to assist organizations, large and small, to prepare for any situation which may adversely affect its well-being. Because of the close-knit environment which businesses operate today, a failure by one business entity can cause a domino effect on all other business entities that has direct or indirect dependency on it.

BKI provides its services directly to the end client or as a sub-contractor.  We are very flexible in our approach and methodology.  Our goal is to provide a solution that best fits the end client rather than changing the client to fit the solution.


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